This Website

This website documents some of the material donated to Winnersh Parish Council (WPC) by the Winnersh and District Historical Society (WDHS) when it disbanded in 2015. During its existence WDHS gathered information, documents and photographs relating to Winnersh and the surrounding area, and published several booklets:

  • Winnersh Reflections
  • Exploring Winnersh Now and Then
  • Historical Winnersh from the Air
  • Winnersh from the Air

The first booklet presents a picture of the Parish of Winnersh through the memories and reflections who have lived and worked here, by showing the development and growth of Winnersh as reflected in maps from 1905 to 2005, and by a collection of “snippets” from various sources including local newspapers. The second describes four walks around Winnersh, relating what’s there now (well, what was there in 2006) to what was there in earlier times, to show how Winnersh has developed over the years. The last two contain aerial photographs of Winnersh: the first a set of black and white photographs across the years 1945 – 1991 and the second a set of coloured photographs taken in 2006.

This website contains electronic versions of information gathered to support the first two booklets. Under Documents are write-ups of conversations with Winnersh residents that form the basis of the first booklet, together with transcripts of local directories from 1854 to 1971, and a miscellany of notes.

Under Pictures there are photographs from the second booklet, photos from the brochure for the sale of the Winnersh Portion of the Haines Hill Estate in 1919, and dozens of “vintage” photos from a variety of sources. In most cases these are scanned images. There is also a collection of mostly Ordnance Survey Maps from the late nineteenth century onwards and a collection of (mostly) paper copies of documents and photographs (see Catalogue).

Going Forward

Winnersh Parish Council, together with some local residents, has formed a working group whose initial objective is to collate, catalogue and preserve the archival material donated by the WDHS and then to share this widely for educational and leisure purposes. The group is keen to hear from Winnersh residents past and present who have stories to tell or material they would like to share with the group or who have an interest in getting involved and volunteering their time. Please email history@winnersh.gov.uk to get in touch.